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The schedule is summarized below:

September 17th
September 18th
September 19th
September 20th
Closing ceremony
Lighting Guerrilla 2017 - opening

Gala Dinner

A more detailed TEMPORARY / PRELIMINARY schedule for the conference is as follows:

Monday, September 18
8:00-18:30Conference RegistrationFoyer

Opening and Plenary Session

White Hall (I+II+III)
Transnational Lighting Detectives
Aleksandra Stratimirovic
10:30-11:00Coffee break
11:00 - 12:30

Plenary session

White Hall (I+II+III)
"European Lighting Expert" - the European standard for knowledge in lighting
Matthias Hessling
Does higher illuminance encourage reassurance that it is safe to walk? Comparing different methods of analysis
Steve Fotios
Effective radiant flux for non-visual effects – is the illuminance and the melanopic irradiance at the eye really the right measure?
Kai Broszio
Investigation of colour rendering of white pcLEDs according to TM-30-15 and CIE-CRI-Ra
Karin Bieske

Session 11 - Standards and regulation

Session 12 - Exterior lighting

White Hall (II+III)White Hall (I)
The International Lighting Vocabulary (ILV) – yesterday, today, tomorrow
Peter Zwick
Mainstreet of Waldenburg (CH) "A non-everyday lighting solution
Mario Rechsteiner
The new FprEN 15193-1 to calculate the energy performance for lighting in buildings: application to different reference building types
Chiara Aghemo | Laura Blaso | Simonetta Fumagalli | Valerio R.M. Lo Verso | Anna Pellegrino
Multi-variable light distribution in road lighting increases safety and reduces the energy demand
Stephan Voelker | Juri Steblau
Lighting role in green building rating systems: comparison between different assessment criteria in an Italian building
Laura Bellia | Francesca Fragliasso | Maria Maddalena Egger | Marina Mazza
A New Dimming Control Scheme of LED Based Streetlighting Luminaires Based on an Embedded LED Model Implemented on an IoT Platform to Achieve Constant Luminous Flux at Different Ambient Temperatures
János Hegedüs | Péter Horváth | Tamás Szabó | András Szalai | András Poppe
The Interreg Project Dynamic Light
Axel Stockmar
A urban lighting renovation project to optimize environmental performance and reduce energy consumption: results of a measurement campaign
Anna Pellegrino | Gabriele Piccablotto | Rossella Taraglio | Dario Fisanotti | Alessandra Paruzzo | Gianpaolo Roscio
Outdoor Adaptive Lighting in the new UNI 11248 italian standard and results of experience
Paolo Di Lecce
Inovative financing schemes for street lighting refurbishment
Julije Domac | Ivan Pržulj | Marko Miletić
Comparison of Different Methods of Distribution Factor Calculation
Peter Raynham | Peter Thorns
Future-oriented solution for dynamic lighting of public space
(Smart Lighting)

Jörg Haller
Flicker: Standards and Test Methods
Walter Parmiani
Metrology of road surface for smart lighting
P. Iacomussi | G. Rossi | P. Blattner | C. Chain | G. Gallee | T. Kubarsepp | M. Lindgren | F. Manoocheri | C. Van trang | P. Zehntner
Documentation of Lighting Design
Dionyz Gasparovsky | Roman Dubnicka
Limiting disturbance of bats by adapting the spectral composition of road lighting
Maurice Donners | Roy van Grunsven | Elmar Veenendaal | Marcel Visser | Kamiel Spoelstra
15:30-16:00Coffee break

Session 13 -Poster presentation

5 minutes per poster

Session 14 -Poster presentation

5 minutes per poster
White Hall (II+III)White Hall (I)
Measuring Sustained Attention and Mood of University Students: Effects of Correlated Color Temperature
Rengin Kocaoglu | Nilgün Olguntürk
Architectural illumination of the Castle of Trani IT
Arturo Covitti
Transfer standards for traceable total spectral radiant flux measurements in integrating spheres
Thorsten Gerloff | Matthias Lindemann | Armin Sperling
Architectural illumination in the restauration of the ex manufacture tobaccos in Bari (IT) and its garden
Arturo Covitti
Comparison of the measurement methods of road lighting
Roman Dubnicka | Lukas Lipnicky | Dionyz Gasparovsky
Quantifying the impact of the region definition in the calculation of visual discomfort luminance contrast metrics, based on real-world scenes
Raquel Viula | Truus Hordijk
Measurement of luminaires for road lighting
Lukas Lipnicky | Roman Dubnicka | Dionýz Gašparovský
Visual comfort evaluation methods in residential buildings: a simulation-based study
Mandana Sarey Khanie | Milena Ślipek | Anders Thorseth | Daria Zukowska | Jakob Kolarik | Toke Rammer Nielsen
Problems identified during measurement and assessment of blue-light hazard from arc welding process
Andrzej Rybczyński | Agnieszka Wolska | Janusz Pikuła | Tomasz Pfeifer
First outcomes of an investigation about Daylighting knowledge and education across Europe
Federica Giuliani | Natalia Sokol | Valerio R.M. Lo Verso | Federica Caffaro | Raquel J. A. V. Viula
Improvement of monitor calibration using other than CIE 1931 Color Matching Functions
Steffen Goerlich, Lev Bakhrakh
What's the matter with multi-layers facades?
Bernard PAULE | Marine BERGES | Robert CELAIRE
Review of state of the art and new measurement methods for the determination of the reflection properties of road surfaces
Sandy Buschmann
Decision schemes for lighting controls - how to apply the TR 222
Peter Dehoff
Digital Lighting Challenges
Pablo D. Lemos
Advances in daylight simulation – validation and applications
David Geisler-Moroder | Wilfried Pohl
Results from Monitoring the Energy Certification of Lighting in Buildings
Dionyz Gasparovsky | Jana Raditschova | Peter Janiga
Luminous effectiveness of light-guides under broken cloud arrays
Ladislav Kómar | Miroslav Kocifaj
Lighting Culture
Károly Zsolt Molnár | Renáta Rebeka Szabó | József Nádas
Measuring daylight properties with five TCS230 sensors
Klemen Zalokar | Matej B. Kobav
German textbook on technical lighting
Dirk Seifert | Meike Barfuß | Alexander Rosemann
Long term measurements of daylight properties with CCD camera
Banu Tabak Erginöz | Matej B. Kobav

Poster viewing

Simplified model of spectral distribution of daylight in interior of the building
Roman Dubnicka | Lukas Lipnicky

Preliminary experimental evaluation of electrotropic windows in a full scale test facility
Sergio Sibilio

The optimal luminous intensity curves of luminaries for roadway lighting
Jan Škoda

Contrasting Sulfur and Chlorine compounds induced LEDs system degradation with a novel getter
Calogero Sciascia | Alessio Corazza | Stefano Giorgi | Gianni Santella

Lighting for cyclists: An eye tracking study in natural settings to investigate where they look
Hussain Gasem | Jim Uttley | Steve Fotios

The role of ambient light level in accidents at pedestrian crossings
steve fotios | Jim Uttley

Spectral reflectance of Argentinean road surfaces
Pablo Ixtaina

A novel method for demonstrating that light encourages pedestrian activity
Steve Fotios | Jim Uttley | Scott Fox | Hussain Gasem

Refurbishment of Lighting Systems in Kindergardens – Case Studies for Bratislava
Dionyz Gasparovsky | Jana Raditschova

Concept of lighting system for experimental studies in interiors
Piotr Pracki

Indoor lighting: how a reflector can improve performance and how to assess it
Simonetta Fumagalli | Laura Blaso | Giuseppe Leonardi | Adriano Antonelli | Diego Diaz Sanudo

Effects of high-purity LED light colors on time-sense perception
Hiroshi Takahashi | Hayato Kikuchi

On the correlation between SQM data and zenith brightness
Jaromír Petržala | Miroslav Kocifaj

Light Guerrilla - opening

Trnovo park/Gradaščica
Tuesday, September 19
8:00-18:30Conference RegistrationFoyer

Plenary Session

White Hall (I+II+III)
SenCity – Evaluating users’ experiences of intelligent lighting for well-being in smart cities
Henrika Pihlajaniemi | Eveliina Juntunen | Anna Luusua
An evaluation method for façade renovation strategies in residential buildings using gaze responsive visual comfort and overheating risk assessments
Mandana Sarey Khanie
Exploring interaction with office lighting: a case study
Daria Casciani | Maurizio Rossi | Fulvio Musante | Simonetta Fumagalli
10:30-11:00Coffee break
11:00 - 12:30

Session 23 -
Energy efficiency

Session 24 -
Measurements and photometry

White Hall (II+III)White Hall (I)
Estimation of the Energy Efficiency Potential in Street Lighting in Serbia
Sabine Piller | Dr. Siegfried Brenke | Zoran Kapor
Luminance maps from High Dynamic Range Imaging: photometric, radiometric and geometric calibration
PIERSON Clotilde | WIENOLD Jan | JACOBS Axel | BODART Magali
Evaluation of the correlation between consumed power and luminous flux of luminaires in Adaptive Road lighting
Dimitris Panagiotis T. Nikolaou | Constantinos A. Bouroussis | Frangiskos V. Topalis
DALEC – evaluation tool for an integrated planning approach
Oliver Ebert | David Geisler-Moroder | Matthias Werner
Influence of measuring equipment parameters on recorded luminance values in context of glare measurements
Sebastian Slominski
Energy Efficient Lighting in University Buildings
Dorin BEU | Calin CIUGUDEANU | Andrei CECLAN
On site photometric characterisation of concrete pavements with COLUROUTE device
Valérie Muzet | Joseph Abdo
Smart Building - smart Living - Smart Lighting - IoT is just ahead
Stephan Horn
Mobile methods of rated road lighting parameters (luminance and illuminance) measurement
A.B. Kuznetsova | M.A. Fedorishchev | A. Sh. Chernyak | A. G. Shakhparunyants

Session 25 -
Lighting for human and their needs

Session 26 - Exterior lighting

White Hall (II+III)White Hall (I)
Exploration of light-induced variations in cognitive task performance in real life
Karin Smolders | Yvonne de Kort
Determination of veiling luminance for peripheral visual objects
Carolin Tatulla | Oliver Maak | Stefan Wolf | Christoph Schierz
The impact of dynamic lighting on cognitive processes
Oliver Stefani | Liselotte Ilg | Achim Pross | Herbert Plischke
Discomfort Glare caused by several LED sources
Joffrey Girard | Céline Villa | Roland Bremond
The myth of Baker-Miller pink: Effects of colored light on physiology, cognition and emotion
Oliver Stefani | Susanne Reithinger | Christoph Grabmaier | Achim Pross | Anke Huckauf"
The treatment of light scattering in a volume and application to foggy traffic situations
Michael Marutzky
Illumination needs of patients with low vision
Kazim Hilmi Or
Disability and discomfort glare caused by today’s automotive headlamps in interaction with road conditions
Kleinert, B. | Bogdanow, S. | Marutzky, M.
Artificial vision patients’ illuminaton needs
Kazim Hilmi Or
Investigating impediments to drivers’ hazard detection ability: fog and sudden switch-off
Steve Fotios | Jim Uttley | Chris Cheal | Scott Fox
Acute diurnal non-image forming effects of light in older participants
Laura Huiberts | Karin Smolders | Yvonne de Kort
Vertical illlumination requirements for pedestrian gaze estimation
Maurice Donners | Lisan Crommentuijn
Health effects of biodynamic lighting in a clinical ward
Wilfried Pohl | Markus Canazei | Katrin Tanzer | Johannes Weninger
Does pedestrian useful visual field change at night?
Navaz Davoudian | Peter Raynham
Influence of lighting conditions on the preparation and dispensing of medication in a hospital
M.P.J. Aarts | H.S.M. Kort | A.L.P. Rosemann | E.J.van Loenen
Does lighting affect pedestrian flows?
Jemima Unwin | Phil Symonds | Thorbjorn Laike
15:30-16:00Coffee break

Session 27 -
Poster presentation

5 minutes per poster

Session 28 -
Poster presentation

5 minutes per poster
White Hall (II+III)White Hall (I)
A Review of the Effect of Light on the Elderly Population
Lorna Minu Flores Villa
Gender- and age-related preferences of the lighting conditions for activity and recovery
Susanne Schweitzer | Clemens Schinagl | Gordana Djuras | Matthias Frühwirth | Hans Hoschopf | Friedrich Wagner | Birgit Schulz | Wolfgang Nemitz | Vincent Grote | Sybille Reidl | Paul Pritz | Maximilian Moser | Franz Peter Wenzl
Illumination Levels for Office Work in Thailand: Standards vs Occupants’ Perspective
Tharinee Ramasoot | Satta Panyakaew
Influence of a glare sources spectrum on pupil diameter
Mathias Niedling
BIM and Lighting Design
Robert Heinze
An optimized biologically effective luminaire for research – problems and solutions for practical application
Mathias Niedling
Selecting Criteria for Light Flicker Limitation
Andrej Orgulan
Daylight dependent, seasonal patterns in industrial incident data
Jan Krüger | Holger Reyhl | Jens Kinne
An Expo Box for fliker
Matjaž Colarič | Matej B. Kobav
Age Difference in Comfortable Lighting -The Evaluation of the Lighting Environment in Real Space
Yuki, Oe | Youko, Inoue
The engineering assessment of floodlighting designs
Krzysztof Skarżyński
Urban environment illumination impact on user priorities and respond
Melita Rozman Cafuta
Smart design of thin direct-lit luminaires
Christian Sommer | Claude Leiner | Ladislav Kuna | Frank Reil | Paul Hartmann | Franz Peter Wenzl
Using adjustment to evaluate discomfort glare
Michael Kent | Sergio Altomonte | Steve Fotios
An investigation on lighting matter in design guides of educational buildings
Kasim ÇELIK | Rengin UNVER

Color characteristics of two-crystal LEDs for dynamic lighting
Anna Savitskaya | Ruzana Delyan
Effects of harmonic distortions caused by dimming systems on visual perceptions of office workers
Banu Tabak Erginöz
Research Progress on AlGaN-based Ultraviolet Light Emitters
Jianchang Yan | Junxi Wang | Jinmin Li
LED and HPS luminaires in Russian greenhouses
L.B. Prikupets | V.G. Terehov

Poster viewing

Light-dynamics system of ligth for control point
Govorov Phylip

Reducing of blue light hazard
Jaroslav Štěpánek | Jan Škoda | Michal Krbal

Digital Light: Perception of projected visual signal from different perspectives
Michael Marutzky

Realization of a Test Setup for a Smart Light Guiding System with Assistance Functions for Elderly People
Christian Eßelmann | Kristin Gabel | Prof. Dr.-Ing. Eva Schwenzfeier-Hellkamp

Experimental LED Luminaire for Investigation of Non-visual Effect of Light to Human Circadian System
Mikuláš Parma | Petr Baxant | Jan Škoda

Study of LED Modulation Effect on the Photometric Quantities of Public Lighting?
Karel Sokansky | Tomas Novak | Petr. Koudelka | Radek Martinek

Possibility of Bandwidth-widening with Luminescent Layer in LED Structures
József Nádas | Vilmos Rakovics | István Réti

Solutions for Digital Lighting
Pablo Lemos

Distortion electrical power in the measurement of electrical parameters of luminaires
Lukas Lipnicky | Roman Dubnicka | Peter Janiga

The implementation of the measurement system for measuring the luminous intensity distribution using the imaging luminance measuring device (ILMD)
Piotr Michalek

The Comparison of different types of Spectroradiometers in terms of Uncertainty of measurement
Martin Motyčka

Uncertainity of luminous intensity measurement with short photometric distance
Marek Bálský | Petr Žák

Practical assessment of photobiological safety of light sources based on requirements of standard EN 62471
Andrzej Pawlak

Gala dinner

Hotel Union
Wednesday, September 20
8:00-12:00Conference RegistrationFoyer
9:00 - 10:30

Session 31 - Lighting for human and their needs

Session 32 - Measurements and photometry

White Hall (II+III)White Hall (I)
Office lighting hierarchies – lit surfaces contributing to visual appearance
Raphael Kirsch
The evaluation of measurement uncertainty of LED luminaire for industrial applications
G. Rossi | P. Iacomussi | M. Radis
Visual comfort in Video Display Terminal workstations: results of an experimental research on the use of an innovative backlighting system
Michele Rocca | Fabio Fantozzi | Francesco Leccese | Giacomo Salvadori
Photometric and colorimetric testing of colour-tunable LED lighting products
Leloup Frédéric | Desnouck Pieter-Jan | Lootens Catherine
Exploring interaction with office lighting: a case study
Daria Casciani | Maurizio Rossi | Fulvio Musante | Simonetta Fumagalli
Research Progress on GaN-based LEDs and Solid-state Lighting in China
Jianchang YA N | Junxi Wang | Jinmin Li
Indoor lighting design with included non-image forming effcts
Katja Malovrh Rebec | Marta Klanjšek Gunde
Investigation of Wavelength Changes of the Leds Used for Illumination
Vedat ESEN | Bülent ORAL | Şafak SAGLAM
Environmental effects of wall colours in offices and user preferences
Fazila Duyan | Şensin Yagmur | Rengin Ünver
Inter Laboratory Comparison of LED Measurements Aimed as Input for Multi-Domain Compact Model Development within an H2020 R&D Project
András Poppe | Gábor Farkas | Ferenc Szabó | Julien Joly | Joël Thomé | Joan Yu | Karel Bosschaart | Eveliina Juntunen | Emmanuel Vaumorin | Alessandro di Bucchianico | Thomas Merelle
Light-temperature interactions: a preliminary study using Virtual Reality
Giorgia Chinazzo | Kynthia Chamilothori | Jan Wienold | Andersen Marilyne
Application of Stray Light Corrected Array Spectroradiometers
Denan Konjhodzic
10:30-11:00Coffee break
11:00 - 12:30

Session 33 - Lighting for human and their needs

Session 34 - Daylighting

White Hall (II+III)White Hall (I)
Human-centric Lighting
Gašper Čož
A new standard for Daylight : Towards a daylight revolution
Arnaud Deneyeer
Important aspects of serious HCL - design
Klaus Bieckmann
New daylight solutions for energy and health
Wilfried Pohl | David Geisler-Moroder | Christian Knoflach
Light distribution as a factor for healthier lit environments
Fernando Monge | Chanyaporn Chuntamara
Key learnings about daylight performance in demonstration buildings and potential outcomes
Jens Christoffersen | Nicolas Roy | Katarzyna Stefanczyk | Neza Mocnik
Investigating a dose-response curve for daytime
S.T. Peeters
Algorithmic Design and Daylighting
Impact of spectrum and illuminance on alertness – a quasi-field study in a lecture hall
Inga Rothert | Martine Knoop | Stephan Völker
Daylight transmission via hollow light pipes with Fresnel (directional) reflection
František Kundracik | Ladislav Kómár | Miroslav Kocifaj | Ágnes Bazsó
Measurement of the effect of dynamic lighting on alertness, mood and sleepiness
Maria Nilsson Tengelin | Stefan Kallberg | Per Olof Hedekvist
Electrochromic glazing: Integrated dynamic simulations from the preliminary design phase using DIAL+ software
Bernard PAULE | Eloise SOK | Samuel PANTET | Julien BOUTILLIER

Session 35- Lighting for human and their needs

Session 36 - Daylight

White Hall (II+III)White Hall (I)
Ledification: Revisiting Quality of Light
Pieter Seuntiens
Predictability of visual discomfort from glare by Daylight Glare Probability and luminance-based metrics in a daylit classroom environment
Raquel Viula | Truus Hordijk
Overhead glare discomfort from downlight luminaires
Lou Bedocs | Peter Thorns
Modelling the Luminance Coefficient Uncertainty using a Bidirectional Goniophotometer Facility
Alaaeldin Abdelmageed | Stefan Gramm | Stephan Völker
Assessing visual discomfort with receptive fields
Gertjan Hilde Scheir | Peter Hanselaer | Wouter Rita Ryckaert
The new generation of an artificial sky: Simulating various overcast sky conditions
Stanislav Darula
Testing Colour-Matching Functions - Perception of luminous color differences of white LEDs in relation to ambient luminous color and age of observers
Bieske, Karin | Kolmer, Johannes | Stubenrauch, Nicole | Schierz, Christoph | Frohnapfel, Anja | Wilm, Alexander
High-resolution tilted surface illuminance/irradiance spectral model applicable to arbitrary sky conditions
Miroslav Kocifaj | Chris Gueymard
Office lighting characteristics determining occupant’s satisfaction with lighting
Juliette van Duijnhoven | Mariëlle Aarts | Alexander Rosemann | Helianthe Kort

Closing ceremony

White Hall (I+II+III)
15:30-16:30Not just a coffee breakFoyer